Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Fall of Bastion Omega

Following the destruction of the Tyranid synapse nodes in the western contamination zone, Bastion Omega was built to provide a secure base of operations from which the purification of the remaining Tyranids could be completed. When Hive Fleet Nemesis arrived in the Betor system the bastion was manned by the survivors of the Porphyrian regiments mauled during their earlier posting to the still active southern contamination zone.

As the garrison of Bastion Omega rushed to battle stations they were subjected to a fearsome bombardment as bolts of bio-plasma rained down, along with fragments of rock captured from the system's asteroid belt and catapulted at the planet. The bombardment showed a frightening degree of precision, taking out virtually all of the Porphyrian's armoured support with pinpoint, peerless accuracy. Before the dust had even settled the first spores begin to fall about Bastion Omega.

The fighting was brutal and genocidal with enormous casualties on both sides in the first few minutes alone. Trygons and ravenors, long lying dormant beneath the planets surface burst up from beneath the fortifications and destroyed the remainder of the Porphyrian's armoured support before being brought down in a highly disciplined crossfire by massed ranks of guardsmen. For a brief moment there seemed to be hope for the Porphyrains as a column of Libryan Hellhounds arrived, inflicting heavy losses on the attacking waves, but then a badly wounded Carnifex made it through the stinging fusillade of fire to bring down the first bastion. As a fearsome Hive Tyrant, commander of the attack, broke through the front of the fortifications slaughtering all before it, flying Tyranids and more spores fall into the tightly packed buildings of the fortification's rear, guided down by the pheromone trail of a lurking lictor. To the west, genestealers burst out of the remains of a meteor fragment, somehow untouched by the intense heat of atmospheric entry to run amok amidst the relief forces. Assailed from all sides the Porphyrian's defence failed.

The mighty Hive Tyrant rampaged through the complex unchecked, ripping through bunker after bunker with its massive talons and screaming its primal triumph to the skies!

The Tyranids left no survivors. When the sun set the Porphyrian's bio-matter was already a part of the new synapse node that lay sprawling over the ruins of Bastion Omega.

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