Sunday, February 21, 2010

Corticant Raid Thwarted

In 02.010M42 while the Tyranid threat on Betor became the main concern of the Imperium, the forces of Chaos had not given up on their aim to conquer the Perseus Deeps once and for all. By now the Claws of Lorek had assumed overall control of Chaos forces in the Deeps following the disappearance of Moonface and the lessening of the Catechism's activities. Taking advantage of the Chaos Lord's absence the Claws of Lorek began to unify the traitor legions on the many Chaos worlds in the region and decided to launch an attack on the base of Battlegroup Apocalypse on Corticant. A small force of Claws of Lorek marines and those of the Anticross faction managed to evade Jellicoe's fleet and land in the vast unpopulated expanse of the planet.

Two days later the Chaos marines launched their assault, not intended to conquer the planet but to destroy the installations being set up by the Imperium. An entire regiment of Corellian Storm Guard blocked the Claws forces and a savage battle erupted. Gradually, despite the ferocity of the traitor marines in battle the Correlians of battlegroup apocalypse were able to prevent the Claws from reaching the inner compound. Unable to make progress the marines abandonned their raid.

Meanwhile General Veers had not fallen for the Claws' trap and he expected a second force to try to outflank and sneak in behind the main attack. So it was that the forces of the Anticross made their way around the Corellian's lines, but ran straight into a fully prepared and equipped regiment of Ceberex Guard. General Veers had chosen this defence force well, as the Cerberex Guard were both experienced at fighting chaos and held a deep hatred for the traitors. In a bloody battle the forces of the Imperium fought the Anticross to a standstill and they too were forced to abandon the raid.

The battles on Corticant had been costly for the Imperium, in terms of men and machines, but the base installations of battlegroup apocalypse had been saved. On 2202.010M42 General Veers declared the situation under control and re-commenced work on the Corticant installation. From here he could conduct operations in the Perseus Deeps avoiding the problems associated with long supply lines.

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