Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The defence of outpost 13

While Preston was dictating his message to Inquisitor Hathek, who was still returning to the Betor system having thought the main Nemesis threat had passed, the Tyranid infestation once again launched itself on the defenders of the Imperium. This time the alien horde launched itself towards Lindesberg on Sonnige Insel. For weeks before the plant life around the outpost, the main garrisoned base on the road to the settlement, had been growing out of control and it was all the Librian defenders could do to stop the outpost being overrun by the native flora. Realising this meant an imminent increase in Tyranid activity General Dempsey put the Librian division on high alert. On 1402.010M42 the Tyranids attacked.

Covering their advance using the heavy vegetation a horde of alien creatures flung itself at outpost 13 with amazing savagery and, to the disconsternation of the defenders, significant cunning. The main horde of creatures made to attack the compound directly, leading its commander to commit his reserves, before swinging right and attacking the compound from the Librian's less well defended left flank. After initial bloody exchanges on both sides the Tyranids soon got the upper hand and before the end of the day the remaining Librian defenders were falling back towards Lindesberg itself, badly mauled and with most of their tanks shredded by monstrous beasts. Now Lindesberg, cut off, appealled to Governor Kovane for help, but he and Dempsey knew that without reinforcement from off world, they could not spare any troops to defend the south west. Especially given that just a few hours later, much worse was to happen in the


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