Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tyranids eradicated from Sentinel

The Imperial forces massing at Corticant were not the only problem facing the Claws of Lorek in 02.010M42. Hive fleet Nemesis had reached the Perseus Deeps, probing the sparesely populated region for systems of biodiversity. Having landed organisms on Lucardium, a major Tau base in the region, Nemesis had also infested the Chaos held minor world of Sentinel.

After defeating the vanguard forces of the Tyranids the Claws of Lorek again realised that with their small forces they could not hope to defeat all their enemies in the Deeps without aid. Once again the Claws turned to their daemonic allies who had rid Scallius of the Orks to rid Sentinel of the alien infestation, only this time they would make sure there was no wanton distruction after the job had been completed.

Unfortunately for the traitor marine legion it appeared the new arrangement with the daemons had somehow made them less potent, and despite some sharp skirmishes the daemons were banished back to their unearthly realm as the tide of Tyranid creatures overwhelmed the outer Chaos defences. Annoyed, the master of the Claws of Lorek returned to Sentinel, taking troops from the raid on Corticant to finish off the Tyranids and secure the world.

The Claws approached the oncoming Tyranid horde with caution. First the chaos forces held back to see the disposition of the uncomming swarm, before concentrating their forces on the extreme flank, working their way through the swarm a piece at a time. The tactic was highly successful and by the end of 02.010M42 the Chaos leaders were satisfied that the Nemesis threat had been contained. Hunting down the remaining creatures now became a sport enjoyed to the full by Khornate champions. Nemesis it seemed, had met its match in the forces of Chaos, although the hive's presence in the Perseus Deeps had only been a vanguard.

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