Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kel Sandros abandons Saim Lann

The small task force deployed to Saim Lann by Craftworld Kel Sandros had met with initial successes but lacked the strength to cleanse the planet. For months the Eldar and their exodite allies fought a guerilla war, attacking vital hive nodes and hunting the Tyranids, even as they themselves were hunted in turn. With its forces stretched to breaking point across innumerable warzones, the ruling council of Kel Sandros had no choice but to recall their forces from Saim Lann. Farseer Tarquil wept bitter tears at the prospect of abandoning a precious exodite world to the alien menace and in a final desperate bid summoned his forces to take on the Tyranids head on and remove their taint from the planet once and for all.

Following the guidance of the runes the Eldar mustered at the head of a narrow valley. Here the Tyranids would be constrained and their numerical advantage neutralised. A thin line of aspect warriors was all that stood in the way of the horde, but with the Avatar of Kel Sandros at their head they would give no ground.

The fighting lasted for days and casualties were high on both sides. When the dust settled the bodies of Tyranids coated the valley floor, mingled with the brutalised forms of aspect warriors. A massive crater, still radiating heat, lay at the head of the valley where the Avatar had been banished back to its Craftworld core, the burnt carcasses of numerous ravenors lying about it. The Eldar had succeeded in bottling the Tyranids within the valley, preventing them from breaking through and overrunning the planet but had been forced to give ground. As a final act of defiance before his forces abandoned Saim Lann, Farseer Tarquil petitioned the mysterious Harlequins for aid. Other Eldar would have to stand in the defence of Saim Lann from now on.

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