Monday, June 16, 2008

Tyndareous: Elan Ro Defeated by Night Lords

After the Chaos assault on Tyndareous the Imperial and Tau forces maintained the truce they had established. Lengthy debates then began as both sides attempted to get the other to withdraw from the planet while remaining themselves. During this time the planetary rulers became more and more scarce, not wishing to be seen allying with either side lest they beput in an unfavourable light with their eventual overlords. In the end the decision was made not by the Tau or Imperium, but by the Night Lords.

Clearly the Traitor Legion had unfinished business on Tyndareous and their forces fell upon the planet with a furious and violent assault. Apparently by chance, they landed nearer Elan Ro's camp, rather than nearer the drop area of Captain Spiggot, and the Tau were forced to deal with the traitors.

The Imperium also prepared to intervene, lest it look like the Tau were the ones defending the locals. However, the Tau forces were faster and more manoeuvrable and arrived on the scene much quicker than the lumbering Imperial forces.

The Tau arrived at the small settlement of Flack to find the Night Lords systematically destroying the place and terrorising the inhabitants.Immediately the Tau of Elan Ro threw themselves into the attack, and for awhile it looked like they had the measure of the Night Lords. The Chaos Terminators teleported near the centre of town but were cut down by the swift arrival of crisis suits.

Meanwhile the Night Lords' infantry soon found themselves without transport as the Tau heavy weaponry took its toll, but once again Elan Ro underestimated his foe and the Marines soon had their revenge when they reached the Tau battle line. Once in combat the Tau were slaughtered and forced to abandon the citizens of Flack to their fate.

Several hours later the Chaos Marines once again left the planet having devastated the Imperial settlement. Now Imperial and Tau authorities clashed once again over how best to deal with the situation and gain intelligence. Fear and suspicion was still rife, and the standoff paralysed the defences of Tyndareous, leaving them vulnerable to further assault.

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