Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Moonface Catechism

Originally believed to be an Iron Warrior possessed by a particularly strong Daemonic entity, almost nothing about the creature called Moonface is known. From what Imperial information suggests, Moonface rose in prominence in the ranks of the Iron Warriors in the Aleph system. After earning himself a place as advisor to the Iron Warrior's Warsmith Gallowfen, Moonface then slew the commander and assumed command himself.

His first act was to order a full scale assault on the Imperial system capital, Cerberex. The reason for invasion is not fully known, other than it was used by Moonface to forge what is known as The Catechism - an awakening of traitor marine forces and cultists. By a series of chanted mantras and subliminal clues, both somehow transmitted directly to the brain, those affected are slowly turned under Moonface's influence.

Unlike Gallowfen's policy of using only pure Iron Warrior forces, Moonface calls all to his ranks using The Catechism. In fact, one of the first uses of the Catechism was to gather all the disparate Chaos forces in the Aleph sector together. The process appears to only affect those who are already in league with the dark powers, certainly there have been no reports of Imperial forces being turned to the Catechism. In addition the process is most effective on those who do not currently have a strong belief system.

Those traitor marines that have been turned tend to be small broken warbands or recently turned traitors. The larger legions in the area appear unaffected. The full process behind the Catechism is unknown, Imperial Scholars can only spin wild theories about how it may work. One thing is for sure though, the rate at which new traitor warbands are swayed to the Moonface cause is growing, and the Imperium must stand eternally ready against this dangerous threat.

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