Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nightlords “defend” Tynaderous from the green tide

Lord Raziel, having conquered Typhon decided to establish a foothold on the world of Tynaderous. The Nightlords had previously raided the planet on several occasions to gain supplies and weapons to arm their supporters on Typhon and so were familiar with the geography of the planet. More importantly to Raziel was its proximity to the space route that connected Zadoc to Tarsis Major and the Nightlord commander hoped that by seizing planets along this route he could seriously weaken imperial control and eventually cut off part of the imperium by controlling this space route.

The previous Nightlord raids had attracted a small Imperial Guard and Tau presence to the planet and so he understood that taking the planet would be no simple feat. To prepare for an assault on the planet Lord Raziel decided to establish a clandestine base of support amongst anti imperial sympathisers on the plaent and even within the planets defence force itself before engaging in a direct assault. Raziel waited for an appropriate opportunity to present itself and found it when Ork forces from neighbouring planets landed on Tynaderous. Whilst the Imperial and Tau forces argued amongst themselves over who had claim to the planet the Orks attacked outlying defenceless human settlements easily overrunning them. Not out of compassion but through political calculation Lord Raziel decided to act and personally led a small force of Nightlords to end the Orks rampage.

The nightlords arrived on the planet undetected in small ships and whilst scouting for the Ork forces ran straight into the main body of the Ork army. The Ork force had the strength of weight of numbers and in both infantry and vehicles and attempted to assault the Nightlord force in a three-pronged assault. The Nightlords deployed close to one another in two lines. At first the Nightlord’s shooting seemed largely ineffective against the multitude of Orks who easily soaked up the shooting with their numbers and the jinking of their warbikes. The Ork’s returned fire as they advanced managing to destroy the turret of the nightlords predator and one of the rhinos along with a few chaos marines. A mek with a Shokk attack gun had the misfortune of his weapon deciding to propel him rather than its ammunition across the battlefield at the enemy havocs where in the ensuing combat the havocs managed to cut-down the Ork to pieces. At close range the Nightlords found their shooting more successful where the numerous flamers fried many Orks and the chaos havocs turned their attention to the right flank where along with some raptors they managed to immobilise several Ork walkers. The Ork warboss and his retinue was largely unaffected by this though and slaughtered many Chaos marines in the centre and was only taken down when Lord Raziel and his raptor retinue along with his drugged up assault veterans charged into the engaged Ork warboss to assist the few survivors. The left flank of the Ork army had been largely untouched by the Nightlords and threatened to overrun the centre but finally the havocs found a weak spot in the Ork dreadnought that led the Ork mob and exploded it killing many in the surrounding Ork mob. The rest of the unsupported Orks were savagely gunned down by in the open by concentrated marine and predator fire.

Following the battle the Nightlords made contact with humans from the planet’s population where they were given offer they couldn’t refuse by lord Raziel. Following the slow agonising public execution of one pious naive imperial priest Raziel found the remaining locals to be unanimous in their support for the Nightlords and highly cooperative. He gave them orders to establish sleeper cells and to infiltrate all positions of imperial command and ordered some squads of his marines to remain hidden on the planet. In return he gave aid to those wounded by the Ork forces and weapons to be used for defence against the Xenos and to rid the Imperium from Tynaderous when the time for revolution would come. Before the Nightlords left they recovered their dead and made a huge pile of the Ork bodies and surrounded the mound with the destroyed Ork vehicles. This was soon discovered by Imperial forces and Tau who couldn’t account for who had killed the Orks, the only crew clues were two lines of graffiti left on the Ork vehicles one reading, “AVE DOMINUS NOX!” and the other, “Where is your Imperium to defend you?” The imperial commanders tried to hush the discovery up but amongst the undisciplined guard the rumours managed to flow back to the planets population where many began to worry at the truth in the statement…

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