Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coronus: Night Lords Raid Dark Angels

Without warning the Night Lords appeared in the Coronus system on 1306.008M42. This time however, the Dark Angels’ base with its superior technology, picked up the small Chaos vessels as they approached the planet of Coronus itself. The commander of the 4th Company then set up a trap for the traitor marines.

The Night Lords tooke the bait, attacking what appeared to be an unsupported squad of Marines. However, once the battle was joined five members of the Deathwing turned up, and heavy supporting tanks appeared from behind a copse of trees. The plan was going well, but the Dark Angels found that it wasn’t going to be that simple to defeat the Night Lords.

The initial ambush successfully wiped out the spearhead of the Night Lords attack, including their commander, but the hatred of the Imperium still burned brightly in the Night Lords’ souls and they did not quit the field. In reply the Chaos Marines poured withering fire into the Deathwing, eliminating them, and moved a squad of their Marines into the copse, charging a squad of Marines loyal to the Emperor.

Behind the shielding trees the Night Lords found a further fifteen Dark Angels, who threw themselves into the melee which had developed in the thick woodland. The battle became savage, as the Night Lords refused to break in the face of superior numbers. The encounter ebbed and flowed and was going in the Imperium’s favour, until an obliterator arrived, turning the tide and forcing all but one brave Marine to flee the combat.

The melee ended with just one loyal Dark Angel standing over the fallen bodies of his comrades and the broken remains of the traitor Marines squad. It had been a costly encounter. While the vicious combat had raged in the woods, the Dark Angels’ Librarian had been taken in combat, leaving the central plain of the battlefield to the Night Lords’ terminators. Only some desparate shooting forced the Chaos force back and prevented a further assault on the Dark Angels’ base.

After several hours the Dark Angels realised the Night Lords were leaving, returning to their drop area. They were in no shape to pursue and let the Chaos Marines leave, tending to their wounded and counting their dead. The battle had been costly, too costly, for such a small force of Marines. Even so the designs of the Night Lords had been thwarted, for now.

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