Sunday, June 22, 2008

Danelloth: Daemonhunters can’t break out

Meanwhile by 2208.008M42 the situation on Danelloth was still desperate for the Imperial forces holed up in the sprawling mining Complex PKS-112. This was the only territory still held by Imperial forces, and the Imperial Guard commander desperately needed to retake the spaceport. Responding to the request for aid the Daemonhunters under Inquisitor Ignatious arrived swiftly.

The elite Inquisitorial forces launched themselves into a ferocious assault against Nazghat’s Orks around the spaceport. The Orks responded the only way they knew how and a vicious fight erupted just three miles from the Daemonhunters’ objective.
The Daemonhunters however proved to be more brave and fearless than tactically aware, and an early mistake cost them dearly. The Inquisitor got his forces too close to the Orks and close combat ensued as soon as the Orks realised they could charge. This turned a possible victory over the Orks into an inconclusive draw, and the situation on Danelloth remained unchanged.

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