Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bothorion: Night Lords raid

While the Tyranids were massacring the Orks they found the greenskins were not the only force on the planet. Much to the dismay of Imperial intelligence the Night Lords, thought to be destroyed after the battles for Aleph 4 some four years ago, made their presence felt in the Shadow Worlds. Neither Imperial intelligence nor the Tyranids knew why they had come to Bothorion, and the Tyranids certainly didn’t care.

While the Chaos force, small and compact, was conducting what appeared to be a search of an old abandoned human facility, the Tyranids attacked. Wave after wave of small gaunt creatures and genestealers charged towards the Chaos Marines, who had set up defensive positions in the ruins of the compound.

If the Chaos Marines were at all disturbed by the hordes of charging aliens, or the lumbering monstrous Carnifices, it wasn’t apparent. The Night Lords poured fire into the mass of aliens until they were within striking distance, then they pounced in a violent and crushing counter-assault.

Shocked by the violence of the counter-punch the Tyranids, who had lost almost all their initial assault wave, didn’t press the issue and allowed the Night Lords to complete their business. This they did before departing, their unknown mission apparently complete.

In the small Imperial settlement on the world the local authorities sent messages to the Imperial high command on Zadoc, begging them for aid. They had seen Orks and Night Lord Chaos Marines land on their planet without Imperial response, and it was becoming clear there was a significant Tyranid infestation. The small population of Bothorion awaited the response.

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