Sunday, June 15, 2008

Danelloth: Blood Martyrs Lose Primary Habs

The perilous position of the Imperium on Danelloth led to the Commander of the Imperial Guard calling for more aid. That aid was forthcoming relatively quickly, in the shape of the Blood Martyr’s 4th company, who arrived on 1106.008M42 aboard the strike cruiser Torment. The Chaplain of the company then prepared an assault force to take the fight to the Orks.

The assault began well, with withering terminator fire destroying the Orks’ command squad, but if the Space Marines had thought the Orks would disengage once their leader was killed, they were sadly mistaken. Orks live for fighting, and the green tide continued to advance on the Blood Martyrs’ positions.

Unfortunately for the Marines, their heavy tank support could not find the weak spots in the Ork contraptions and much time was wasted repeatedly shooting at the roughly constructed Ork vehicles. This meant more Orks than desired reached the Imperial battle lines and despite a heroic assault lead by the Chaplain and his assault squad, the Marines were eventually overwhelmed.

The greenskin horde, their bloodlust fully risen, then fell upon the Imperial positions in the Primary Hab zone, forcing Lethbridge-Stewart’s troops to fall back to the last remaining Imperial defence, mining complex PKS-112. Danelloth was all but conquered by the Ork waagh! Now the Imperium had to decide their next move. Defend to the last or abandon the mining settlement?

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