Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Typhon Falls Under Night Lords’ Control

Typhon had long been a cause for concern to the Imperium. Though nominally a small Imperial world its proximity to Grimlock, a Chaos stronghold in the Perseus Deeps, and its relative distance from the major warp lanes of the Zadoc subsector, made the Imperium’s hold over the planet tenuous at best.Typhon’s five million souls were ruled over by a hereditary monarchy with the planet mostly dealing in fringe trade while the bulk of the planet’s populace farmed the arid soil of the world.

Truth be told the Imperium wasn’t much interested in Typhon, except for the fact that deep below the planet’s crust there was vast mineral wealth to be exploited, at least at some point. However in 008M42 the Imperial authorities had more to worry about than 5 million souls on the very edge of Imperial space.

This lack of observation caused the Imperium to miss opportunity after opportunity to avoid catastrophe on Typhon. In early 008M42 traders spoke of anti-Imperial cults and strange blasphemous graffiti on the walls of the shabby buildings in the planet’s many small towns. In 04.008M42 contact with the planet was lost altogether, but no-one paid much attention.Certainly no-one linked it with events going on in the Mabb nebula.

In fact the Night Lords had been on the planet for years, laying low and fostering anti-Imperial sentiment. Many cults worshipped the Chaos Marines as demigods following their arrival in 004M42 following their defeat on Aleph 4. However it was the arrival of Raziel which accelerated things. He and his new arrivals raided the Shadow Worlds of the Mabb nebula, gaining intelligence and supplies to bolster their position on Typhon. The raid on Tyndareous had filled their small band of ships’ holds to breaking point with gold, weaponry and mineral ore. In 06.008M42, the Night Lords, aided by some 30,000 armed militia cultists, toppled the ruling Monarchy of Typhon and declared themselves rulers of the planet.

The news reached Zadoc on 2006.008M42 and sent a shockwave of unease through the Imperial high command. A planet had fallen to Chaos and they had barely noticed, let alone reacted in time. Though a relatively small world, Typhon now presented a real threat, forming a base for Chaotic activity much closer to Tarsis Major and putting the other Rim Worlds under threat. For now however, Imperial high command on Zadoc was at a loss as to how to respond. The Night Lords certainly had the initiative.

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