Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chaos discovered on Priam

Priam, a small outpost specialising in luxury goods had long been suspected of underground Chaos worship, but the time and effort required o root out the evil had never been a priority to find. That was until the fall of Typhon. The loss of this small world glavanised Imperial forces into action.

Inquisitor Ignatious organised a small task force including Daemonhunters and Sisters of Battle to investigate Priam. What they found immediately alarmed them. Decadent cults, strange iconography and a complete disregard for human decency. It seemed that a good portion of the population had gone over to the worship of Slaanech, while others had embraced Nurgle. The Inquisitor’s representative on the world immediately executed the governor and occupied the capital.

A few days later on 2106.008M42 Chaos forces, led by forces previously associated with the Moonface Catechism, were spotted in the wetlands to the north of the capital. The Daemonhunters immediately attacked, using their Adeptus Sororitas allies to support their attack.

The battle became a bloody affair which ebbed and flowed over the sprawling marshland during the next few days. The Daemonhunters were successful, pushing the Chaos forces back and doing considerable damage in the process. The Adeptus Sororitas however were less successful and suffered badly at the hands of the Traitor Marines. Realising they could not annihilate the Chaos forces without support the Imperial forces retreated to the planetary capital and built up their defences while requesting regiments of Imperial Guard or Astartes reinforcements.

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