Sunday, June 22, 2008

War comes to Daedalon

While the Imperium reacted to the Chaos threat on Typhon and Priam, they were unable to prevent Tau forces from landing on the Adeptus Mechanicus world of Daedalon. The forest world had been used as a research world for millennia, but was the obvious target for the Tau expansion from their bases in the Perseus Deeps.

The tech adepts on Daedalon warned the Imperium the Tau were coming, but the Imperium could not react in time and elected to take a “wait and see” approach. In the end it was a small scout Hunter Cadre which landed on the planet, rather than a full scale invasion force.

Much to the Tau’s horror and surprise however the forests of Daedalon had already been infiltrated with the vanguard scouting elements of Hive fleet Triton, as it naturally stood in the path of the Tyranids’ progression through the galaxy. The Tyranid forces were not numerous, and it came as a surprise to the Adeptus Mechanicus aswell, but it was the Tau who had disturbed them and the Tau who found themselves assaulted, then overrun by the alien menace.

Reeling from the attack by the Tyranids the Tau could have been expected to fold when the Chaos forces of the Death Guard Legion landed on the world near their own base. However, the Tau showed remarkable resilience and took the fight to the enemy. Trapping the Death Guard in an area of swampy forest, the Tau used their superior technology in the terrain well, picking off the Death Guard until they had sustained a serious number of casualties. Realising this raid wasn’t going to be profitable for the Chaos invasion of the Rim Worlds the Death Guard retreated into their assault ships and disappeared. The Tau counted the cost of another battle.

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