Sunday, June 08, 2008

Danelloth: Nazghat takes Spaceport

While the Dark Angels were consolidating their position the Imperial Guard were trying their best to work out just how they were going to exploit the Marines’ attack. With just three thousand battle ready soldiers and only half their fighting vehicles, the Librians were far from secure. The Ork warboss took the opportunity to exploit their weakness.

Nazghat launched a fresh assault on the spaceport, this time from the south, through the Librian chief supply depot. The battle began with a swarm of Orks concentrated around the vital supply dump. The Stormtroopers guarding the dump fired at the greenskins as long as they could before falling back when assaulted by the savage aliens.

Reserve units came quickly, with Hellhound tanks and Leman Russ causing destruction in the ORk ranks, but still they came on. The Sentinels ordered to support the defence of the depot were woeful in their shooting and badly handled. A duel between four Imperial walkers and the Ork machines known as Killa-Kans went badly, with all four lost with just one Ork machine knocked out.

Ork bikers were crucial in the attack, surviving the attention of Hellhound tanks and outflanking the Imperial positions. Their reckless assault forced the Imperial Commander to concentrate on them, allowing Ork foot troops to move into the depot.

Casualties were high on both sides but the Imperial forces lost their positions and were forced to withdraw. This made the spaceport untenable and the Imperial Guard abandoned it, for the moment, moving into the densely packed terrain of the Hab district.

With the loss of the spaceport the Imperial position on Denelloth became difficult, and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart signalled that more forces would need t be sent to the world, or it would be lost to the green tide. The carrier Illustrious immediately began the journey in away from the planet to collect more troops. For now Lethbridge-Stewarts men were on their own.

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