Thursday, December 13, 2012

ARES: Street fighting in Ares city

The Eldar attack Ares city from their tenuous hold on the city. Salamanders deploy to counter and the fighting becomes intense. Craftworld eldar move into more suburbs. The Raven Guard strike back but the eldar defences hold. The city is now a contested rubble pile. Eldar closing in on the spaceport.
The war on Ares continued to flare up sporadically during 1012.012M42, with the eldar making further inroads into Ares city. As the street fighting intensified the eldar forces encountered became stronger and stronger, and very soon the imperial line was beginning to become stretched out in the city, with pockets of imperial defenders separated by enemy held zones. The Salamanders deployed to rid the now ruined city of eldar forces on 0612.012M42, but their attacks were beaten off by craftworld eldar forces.

A further strike by the Raven Guard was more successful, and the forward momentum of the eldar advance was stopped. Even so much of the ruined city now lay in eldar hands and the aliens were within half a mile of the strategically vital spaceport and transport hub at the centre of Ares City. The imperium were not about to abandon or destroy what was left of it however, as that was what the eldar were fighting would achieve. The apparently endless war on Ares would continue.

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