Thursday, December 13, 2012

Space Marine Strike force moves on Mordecai

While the Grimlock invasion was still in full swing, General Veers had already been planning his next move, both as contingency plan if Grimlock was lost, and as the next step in the final destruction of chaos in the Perseus Deeps. By mid 12.012M42 the Grimlock venture was going awry, but the commander of battlegroup apocalypse had already sent forces to Mordecai for the preparation of the next invasion. On 1112.012M42 the Salamanders and Raven Guard, who had agreed to aid the new expedition, assaulted the chaos installations on Mordecai Tersius for the first time, evading the powerful chaos fleet arrayed in the system.

The claws of Lorek were ready for them and put up fierce resistance. At the Raven Guard's objectives, which remain unknown to this day, the forces of chaos were pushed back, but the Salamanders were overwhelmed by the ferocity of Lorek's forces, and quickly became separated from them. The situation was becoming difficult, so the Salamanders were extracted from the planet. The Raven Guard followed shortly after, narrowly avoiding the massed gun batteries of Lorek and Thok's battlefleet. Veers was debriefed and informed that many of the automated systems guarding Mordecai had been out out of action, but several remained. Veers would now have to decide whether to launch another raid or to go ahead with the full scale invasion of the system before the damage was repaired.

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