Monday, December 10, 2012

Hylas: ork breakout in the west

The orks didn't take the defeat in the north lying down, and by 0512.012M42 Imperial intelligence couldn't fail to notice the enormous force concentration in the south west of the Beng region. It was obvious to Gault that the greenskins, having failed to breakout to the north, would now try to breakout west. There was no particular strategic mind at work, the orks were simply pointing themselves in a direction and charging, but in terms of tactical success, it worked well.

The orks broke out on 0812.012M42 and smashed the Hylas PDF and imperial guard regiments facing them. Gault was unable to predict where the hammerblow would fall and in the broad plains of Birego the imperial commander had simply placed a screening force, which dutifully fled as the orks approached. Now the imperium knew where Snazgubbins and Thrugnik were attacking, the Astartes were called on.

The Space Wolves and Red Angels responded to General Brooke's request to aid his subordinate on Hylas. Working on a plan together it was decided that the Space Wolves would counter attack in the north against Thrugnik's forces, considered the more dangerous ork warlord, while the Red Angels would attempt to halt Snazgubbins' advance, since the chapter had fought that particular warlord a number of times.

The assault by the Space Wolves did not go well, as the greenskins proved able to shrug off the close assaults undertaken by the astartes forces, and the ork airforce once again created havoc above the battlefield. The ork warlord himself was present, representing a serious problem to the Space Wolves, killing the Space Wolf lord in command in single combat. Realising the ork push could not be blunted in the plains the Space Wolves retreated, hoping that the Red Angels would have more success further south.

Snazgubbins' ork horde smashed through the defence lines erected by the Red Angels with comparative ease during the middle of 12.012M42, and it seemed that the experience of fighting one another actually favoured the orks, as the greenskins breached the thin red line the Red Angels placed in front of them. Unable to stop the ork assault, Gault agreed to pull his forces back, but by 1612.012M42 the orks were closing in on Tennyson. Once again the ork Waagh! had the initiative on Hylas.

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