Thursday, December 13, 2012

PARATAEA: Tau slowly pushed back

For nearly two months the war between the tau and necrons on Parataea had been largely static. The tau had made no moves to counter attack the Harakhty Dynasty forces, but neither had the necrons taken much in the way of offensive action. In 12.012M42 however the necrons moved again, this time south and east from their salient in the centre of Parataea towards the settlement of Sin'Kau'Mek. This move would cut the Tau armies in two on the world, and was resisted strongly. The battles raged for a week with neither side making much progress, but in the end the attrition told on the tau and they were forced to withdraw. Even so their hard fighting had ensured the necrons didn't quite manage to achieve their goals in reaching the coast, and a narrow strip of tau controlled land along the H'kai inlet kept the defence of the world joined up, at least for the time being.

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