Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catechism repel Astartes probe on Mordecai

Following the mixed fortunes of the raid on Mordecai on 1112.042M42, General Veers was struggling to plan the next phase of the Perseus Deeps crusade. Logisticae and imperial intelligence estimated that to overcome Mordecai's formidable defences, an invasion force several times greater than the one used to liberate Bastien would be needed. A three world system, Mordecai was home to the fleets of Admiral Thok and Lorek, with a significant force of from lord Traegen. For a start this force would have to be overcome, and the imperial navy were more than hesitant to risk their strength, especially since it was now down to just two battlegroups in the Deeps.

Veers however believed it would be possible to establish a foothold on the system by landing a force on the outermost planet of Moredecai Tertius. With the fleet base located well in system, close to Mordecai Primaris, Veers believed an invasion force could be delivered to the third planet before the Chaos fleets could react. The ruinous powers would then be forced to engage the imperial force or destroy the valuable planet from high orbit. The Lord General began planning for this immediately, but the preparations would take months. Then, during the latter half of 12.012M42, imperial high command got an astonishing tip off from their intelligence division. Moonface was on Mordecai Tersius.

The news that the leader of the dangerous Chaos force had once again returned to the sector was unwelcome. If the chaos leader could once again unite chaos behind him, the task of taking Mordecai would be all the harder. However Veers was unable to do anything about it. Sensing an opportunity the captain of the newly arrived Apocalypse Riders company set off for the Moredecai system. The highly mobile strike force easily penetrated the outer defences of the chaos held system and landed on the barren planet towards the end of 12.012M42, and it wasn't long before they located the chaos lord and his retinue.

Despite having a highly manouverable force, the Apocalypse Riders soon found themselves in trouble. Though he didn't get involved personally in the battle, Moonface watched from the ranks of his brainwashed cultists as his army encircled and pinned down the fast moving bike army. The loyalist marine commander hacked through the surrounding chaos spawn as the chaos force attacked, but the bikers were whittled down too quickly against the resilient forces of nurgle. Unable to complete their goal the Riders abandonned their mission, returning to Corticant with bad news for Veers.

With Catechism forces entrenched on Mordecai, the invasion plans were altered again, and the date once more went back. Meanwhile the forces of chaos, given respite from the advance of the Harakhty dynasty, had re-organised and re-equipped, as their defence of Grimlock had shown. But Veers was blind to this fact, and as 013M42 began, the recent acquisitions of the crusade were more vulnerable than ever before.

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