Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eldar continue to pursue own agenda

As 012M42 drew to a close the eldar continued to pursue their own agenda across the sector. Having failed abysmally to halt the tyranids at Grimlock, the ancient race decided instead to intervene on Aornis. Here hive fleet Nemesis had established a small bridgehead but had not yet spread across the world. The eldar recognised that to bolster their defences on Grimlock the forces of chaos, chiefly the Claws of Lorek and Iron Warriors, had reduced their defence of the smaller world. This they predicted would have dire consequences in the future.

A significant raiding force was sent to the minor world but rather than overtly help their usual enemies the eldar burst from the webway and mercilessly attacked the forces of Lorek on Aornis. Following much bloodshed the eldar established a base of operations in the north and then set about their primary task. The hive mind on Aornis had sensed the arrival of fresh biomass and moved swiftly to counter the threat. They attacked in fast moving waves but the eldar had prepared for this eventuality, creating killing grounds infront of their positions. The tyranids had no option but to rush these defences, losing thousands of individual creatures. This mattered little, but the loss of synapse creatures severely affected the swarm's ability to function as an army. On 2012.012M42 the eldar realised that the tyranids were no longer attacking as a unified force, and their farseers felt the hive mind withdraw from Aornis. Nemesis had given up on the chaos world, at least for now.

Meanwhile in the Perseus Deeps the street fighting on Ares continued amongst the ruins of the capital city. On 1512.012M42 the Salamanders and Raven Guard who had been holding the aliens at bay in Ares City informed General Vasilevsky that they had more pressing business to attend to, and began handing over the defence of the city, especially the spaceport, to the imperial guard. General Vasilevsky, worried by the impact of the loss of two companies of space marines, sent a general request for more astartes aid. On 2012.012M42 his requested was answered, and a company of Dark Angels arrived in system. They agreed that for now Vasilevsky did not have the forces to hold back the eldar, and that the loss of Ares City would be a devastating blow. The space marines immediately began planning for an attack which would secure the city once and for all. Silently the Dark Angels took up what appeared to be defensive positions in the ruins of the once impressive city.

The eldar attacked at dawn on 2212.012M42 but the Dark Angels immediately sprang their trap, suddenly racing forwards on both flanks to encircle the eldar before they could react. Even so, the central eldar position was unassailable due to its overwhelming firepower, so rather than attack it directly the Dark Angels secured positions on the flanks and began picking apart the eldar defences. After extensive goading the eldar launched an all out counter attack, the wraithguard successfully recaptured their right flank, but the attack in the middle was vulnerable outside the protection of their central fire base and was surrounded and destroyed. The Dark Angels then counter attacked viciously, their assault troops destroying the eldar artillery positions, leaving the remaining eldar isolated and forcing them to withdraw. The assault had almost been a total success, but by the end of 012M42 it became clear that two small pockets of resistance in the rubble of the former capital still remained. The war on Ares would continue.

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