Sunday, December 02, 2012

Grimlock: Alliance collapse, Nemesis irresistable

The second week of the Grimlock was saw the decisive battles take place which would decide the fate of the world. Most importantly between 0712.012M42 and 1412.012M42 the forces of hive fleet Nemesis showed themselves to be more than an irritiation, overwhelming the Space wolves and Librian guard at Renegium and taking the imperial held city of Coldoak. In the south the aliens overan and consumed the region of Cariane after destroying the forces of the Shattered Silence kabal after a long and bitterly contested battle for the webway portal. Eventually the dark eldar, working for the alliance, retreated back into their domain, allowing the tyranids their gains. In the far south the chaos and ork armies defending the western front were forced back hundreds of miles by a rampant tyranid horde. Everywhere the tyranids were gaining, and by 1212.012M42 Nemesis had control of half the planet.

Veers could see things were going horribly wrong for his invasion by this point. Confusion between the space wolves and imperial guard had lost his important base in the north and threatened the landing zone at Haxoa. In the west he had transferred his best forces, the Corellian formations, to deal the eldar a "final blow". In this he was successful, as the forces of the eldar and dark eldar were massacred by the guard and space wolf units, but the conquest of Zuchal left Malicana and Smithtown in the hands of the alliance, thanks to the eldar using their greater maneuverability to deflect the axis of advance of imperial forces to the north, away from the strategically vital objectives. Meanwhile in the south, Lorek led a massive counter attack against Repsis, breaking through the imperial lines to such an extent that even a determined Space Wolf counter attack could not prevent the loss of Tallin and the plains to the north, which had only been claimed by the imperium a week previously. Veers was now on the backfoot.

Meanwhile the tau saw the loss of another third of their forces as their cadres, in alliance with the eldar, fought bitter attritional battles along the coast of Pendanal, as the Iron Warriors and warboss Thrugnik looked for ways to eject the alliance from Grimlock. By the end of week two it was obvious the alliance venture was a total failure, and plans for an organised retreat were well advanced.

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