Friday, December 28, 2012

Imperial plans

Imperial plans

- Perseus Deeps - Lord General Veers

Creation of fortresses (bases) in the Perseus Deeps

1 - Bastien Starbase - 0%

2 - Corticant local fortifications - 0%

3 - Ares local fortifications - 0%

Crusade Offensives:

1 - Mordecai (Chaos)

2 - Kendrenec (Chaos)

Forces Assigned:

Navy: 1st & 2nd Battlegroups (Beattie *Tiger, Jellicoe *Iron Duke)

Farport Guard tithe grade Exactis Secundus

11x Librian Regiments

10x Corellian Regiments

4x Prozan Regiments

2x Praetorian Regiments

2x Raven Guard companies

2x Space Wolf companies

1x Dark Angel company

Ad Hoc Astartes interventions

- Zadoc Subsector - Lord General Brooke


1 - Hylas war (ork invasion)

2 - Fortification of Zadoc & New Cerberex

Forces Assigned:

Navy: 3rd & 4th Battlegroups (Clinton-Baker *Royal Sovereign, Craddock *Vanguard)

Librian Guard (home subsector) tithe grade Exactis Prima

Zadocian Guard (home subsector) tithe grade Exactis Tertius

Tyranteous Guard (Tyran Guard) tithe grade Decuma Tertius

3x Prozan Regiments

2x Praetorian Regiments

2x Corellian Regiments

Ad Hoc Astartes interventions

Legio Gryphonicus (Titan Legion)

Local PDF

- Enceladus Crusade - Overall command TBA


1 - Secure the Hell Stars and create a base.

2 - Retake Protogonus from the Tau

3 - Quarantine the Charybdis Rift

4 - Clear out the Ork Dominion


- Threaten the Tau Empire expansion by flanking their warp route to the Aleph sector

- Isolate the Federacy

- Remove entirely the threat of Chaos from the sector

- Destroy the ork menace in the Ork Dominion

- Secure the Valitane subsectors southern flank

Forces assigned:

Navy: 5th Battlegroup (*Agamemnon)

Valitane Regiments (to be raised)


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