Thursday, December 13, 2012

TYRANTEOUS: Tau fortify orbital base

The tau are assaulted by the Dark Eldar on a raid on Tyranteous moon base. Moonshine repels the attack and continues to fortify for the main invasion of Tyranteous.

Despite suffering from a lack of resources and difficulties with supply, the Tau in the Zadoc subsector were still keen to advance the cause of the greater good. The tau had the populous nations of Zadoc and Libria among their long term goals, but as yet they did not posess the power to simply invade such fortified and important imperial worlds. Tyranteous however was a different story. The tau had been irritated by the sudden and unexpected uprising by chaos worshippers on Tyranteous however, as this brought unwanted attention from the space marines and imperial high command.

By 10.012M42 the situation had changed. The orks had invaded Hylas, distracting the imperium and allowing the tau to make a lightning assault against the orks controlling the outer fringe moon base in the Tyranteous system. They had succeeded in this and by 12.012M42 they had built up a significant base of operations, still undetected by the Imperium.

The dark eldar however knew of the base, and despite the grand "alliance" holding firm in the Perseus Deeps, the Shattered Silence were still not above opportunist plunder. Embittered by being left "high and dry" on Grimlock, in 12.012M42 the kabal launched a series of raids against the Tyranteous moon base, intending to steal anything of value and capture a few tau or kroot as slaves. However they were unaware of how advanced the Tau preparations were for the invasion of Tyranteous and faced an unpleasant surprise when they arrived.

Commander Moonshine had once again prepared his positions wisely, and using his battlefield expertise the dark eldar were swiftly dealt with. The fortification of Tyranteous Moon base continued, and the tau themselves began to wonder whether Moonshine would ascend to the same level as Shadowstrike in the command hierarchy.

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