Sunday, December 02, 2012

Grimlock: Tyranid advances, Chaos losses

For General Veers the Imperial invasion of Grimlock was mostly successful for the first week of 12.012M42, as the Corellians, with the best equipment and aided by the Space Wolves, swept south from Atlis, decisively beating Da Verminator's orks outside the city of Tallin and taking the region of Repsis. In the north the Space Wolves were tasked to take Malicana and the important city of Jannick, but were held by a dogged eldar defence. However signs of things to come were evident in the Enteria pocket, where the imperial guard had become encircled by unfriendly forces. When Nemesis attacked in force the Space Wolves of Erik Morkai attempted a rescue which went badly wrong. The Guard units were swallowed by the tyranid onslaught and Veers lost 15% of his invasion force.

Nemesis also made gains against chaos, overrunning Stahls' men in Ferrundium and forcing the warsmith to retreat to the chaos bastion of the south. Lorek was also forced to abandon the north as the region of Gallo was taken by the aliens who expanded in all directions during the first week of the Grimlock war.

The tau had a nasty shock to start their campaign as the ork warlord Thrugnik smashed into Agun, defeating the tau defenders and pushing them away from the eldar webway portal. One third of the tau forces were destroyed in the first week, and the tau command began to wonder if the potential gains were vastly outweighed by the potential losses.

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