Sunday, December 02, 2012

Grimlock: Chaos hold out against final tyranid victory

The third week of the Grimlock war saw the final collapse of the alliance on the world, and the abandonment of the imperial crusade for the planet.

Realising the threat posed by Nemesis, general Veers transferred his Corellian formations east, to face the tyranids with a massive attack on Renegium to retake Coldoak. This attack was successful, as the imperial guard pounded the aliens with massed artillery and airpower, obliterating millions of varied xenos creatures in a spectacular assault. However, while the Corellians added to their string of successed, Veers' plan against chaos fell abruptly apart.

The plan was to hold Atils against the inevitable assault from Repsis, while landing a significant force of Space Wolves at Hakun in the south. If successful, the fortified south of Grimlock would be unlocked, and the forces of chaos doomed. The Space Wolves duly carried out their assault, but were too few in number and met fierce resistance from ork and chaos forces. they were only able to secure small bridgheads and by 2012.012M42 were still over one hundred miles from their objective at Bluespring. Meanwhile in the centre the imperial resistance crumbled before the combined armies of Thrugnik and Lorek. Stahl didn't even need to employ his Iron Warriors as the front fell back day after day. Eventually the Imperial Fists made a last stand at Eribank, but were severely mauled by the enemy and were forced to abandon Atlis. With the loss of his hold on the south of Grimlock, Veers knew the imperial invasion was finished.

The alliance already knew they were finished and were simply attempting to extricate themselves from an appalling strategic situation by 1412.012M42. The focus of the fighting took place in the north west of the planet, where the alliance had one remaining webway portal. At this portal the tyranids attacked, but were severely punished by the Shattered Silence and forced to withdraw. However, no sooner had this victory been celebrated then news of further defeats came in. In the south the last tau forces of commander FastBlade were annihilated defending Pendanal from the tyranid onslaught, while Da Verminator landed a massive force at Corcliff. In the ensuing days the alliance were pushed further and further back until their escape routes were cut off. Thousands of eldar, and many more tau were lost as the northwest was overrun by ork and tyranid forces. The tau in particular lost every single warrior sent on the expedition. Now only the forces of chaos stood between the tyranids and final victory.

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