Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chaos suffer raids

The Chaos strategic position deteriorated markedly in 02.009M42 as did their hopes of a quick victory on Tarsis Major. While the Catechism were waiting for the snow to clear in the north and huge set piece battles raged in the south, the forces of Chaos found their supply chains under threat.

Thanks to the Imperial victory over the Night Lords’ fleet, and the non appearance of Admiral Thok in several months, the Imperial and Tau fleets were able, for the most part, to protect their supply routes and waystations from alien or pirate attack, and the raiders knew it. They went for softer targets.

Both the Tyranids and Orks attacked Chaos holdings in the Rim worlds and the Shadow worlds in 01.009M42 and 02.009M42, with the Tyranids ravaging Typhon and Tyndareous coming under attack from Ork raiders. Caught off guard and defended by some of the Chaos forces’ least battle ready troops, they suffered badly. Typhon was razed to the ground, though the alien menace moved on, and Tyndareous was unusable as a base for several weeks.

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