Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shadowstrike Sweeps South

As 01.008M42 drew to a close and Elan Ro appealed for more troops at Peraph, Shadowstrike prepared for his first spring offensive in south Merrin. This was the real reason why resources were denied to the off world commander. Shadowstrike was beginning his strategic plan, to dissect the Imperial forces in Merrin in sizeable chunks, defeating his opponent, General Cochrane.

The plan had initially been to attack in the north, towards East Plainbrook, but Shadowstrike learned that to the south the Imperium had brought in new, fresh reinforcements, the Porphyrians. Analysis proved the Tau had never faced the Porphyrians and Shadowstrike would use this to his advantage.

The Porphyrians were warned of the Tau’s rapid and mobile battle tactics, but they had little chance to absorb the new information, for just 48 hours after their deployment to the Merrin front, the Tau attacked. Shadowstrike struck with perfect timing and the Tau soldiers carried out their orders with amazing precision. Using the river Fuller to prevent the Librians and Tarsis PDF from interfering the Tau subjected the Porphyrians to a devastating “left hook”.

The flank attack forced the Porphyrian commander, who’s units were fighting valiantly, if in vain, to order a general withdrawal. Even so the Porphyrians lost some 5,000 troops and a further 15,000 captured as Shadowstrike’s first advance of 009M42 forced the Imperium back some 500 miles in just ten days.

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