Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fastblade exploits breakthrough

Following Shadowstrike's decisive breakthrough, the Tau high command capitalised on the situation as 02.009M42 wore on. They kept up the pressure by allowing Commander Fastblade, recently arrived with his Cadres from the Vastrid subsector, to exploit the gaping hole in the Imperial lines.

Fastblade's fast moving, highly mechanised forces quickly began encircling portions of the Imperial front line, but gradually their pace slowed as the Porphyrians put up a dogged defence to the west of the River Mer. The Porphyrians had realised that with the Tau destroying the few bridges across the wide river by air, if they lost the vital supply centre around the Merrin Mines, they would be cut off and isolated.

The pace of Fastblade's attack slowed, but the Tau pressure never relented, and they methodically pursued their objectives. By 1802.009M42, despite a gritty defence, the Porphyrians had their backs to the river and had run out of fuel and ammunition. Several thousand had to surrender, while a few managed to escape by swimming the river. By 2102.009M42 all territory east of the river Mer was in the hands of the Tau.

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