Sunday, February 08, 2009

Snazteef Grinds south once more

While the Imperium were grappling with Chaos in the south the Orks in the north still posed a serious threat and showed no signs of giving up. Even so General Jamieson found himself being ordered to transfer his best units south, to face the Chaos threat. Gradually the defences against Snazteef were thinned out, and Porphyrian regiments were rushed into the front line.

The move seemed unwise soon after, as on 1601.009M42 the Orks launched their latest offensive. Taken by surprise the Porphyrians were massacred, losing nearly a third of their number before retreating some one hundred miles. Between 1801.009M42 and 0802.009M42 Snazteef’s Orks managed another good push, defeating the Porphyrians once again, before the Imperial commander ordered his forces behind their defences, and the Ork advance was halted. Snazteef’s goading remarks, accusing the Imperium of “Kowardiss”, had no effect.

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