Friday, February 27, 2009

Tarsis Minor raided by “The Verminator”

Despite the fact that most of the Orks had left the Tarsis system, some remained. In the northern peninsular of Tuva Waagh! Snazteef continued to cause problems for the Imperium, while the warboss known as "Da Verminator" had his own agenda which ensured the presence of more Ork forces in the Tarsis system.Da Verminator had plans, ambition and a good dose of Orky greed. Having defeated Chaos and taken Memnon for himself, he needed more raw materials if he was to accomplish his goal of becoming a rival to the most powerful Warlord in the sector, Nazghat. To this end Da Verminator cobbled together a significant force of greenskins and launched them at an unsuspecting Tarsis minor. However, things did not go entirely according to plan.

The Orks were expecting to surprise the Tau, but Elan Ro had left a competent sub commander, approved by Shadowstrike himself to remain ever vigilant on the strategically important agri world of Tarsis Minor. His drills ensured the Orks' arrival was no surprise and the Tau simply followed their drilling. Greenskin after greenskin was cut down as the superior Tau firepower made the difference, in a rather bloody and one sided affair. Within a day the orks had been removed from Tarsis Minor and Da Verminator had to rethink his overall strategy or else find a different source for his raw materials.

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