Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dark Angels finish of Chaos on Sartano

The week of 1402.009M42 to 2102.009M42 saw the end of the Chaos forces on Sartano. While the Chaos Marines and Guard units faced off on the Sartano plain, the Dark Angels moved in to annihilate the traitors before any more set piece battles took place.While everyone was expecting another epic clash of titans on the Sartano plain, the Dark Angels moved in on the night of 1602.009M42, capturing vital supply stations and ammunition dumps, and causing chaos behind the enemy lines.

By 1902.008M42 Generals Cunningham and Jennings had taken advantage of the disorder in the Chaos lines, cutting their forces in two and taking much of the Sartano industrial zones. It was clear that by 2002.009M42 the remainder of the Chaos elite forces had slipped away to the north overnight and the mopping up began. The Chaos incursion on Sartano and Tuva had been defeated... For now.

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