Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nazghat lands on Memnon

It was not only Fort Aerin which felt the power of Waagh! Nazghat in early 009M42. The Ork warlord, clearly intent on establishing an Ork Empire in the Mabb Nebula, landed on Memnon, the only world in the Nebula without an Ork presence, apart from the Chaos base of Tyndareous.

The Orks landed with enthusiasm on 0702.009M42, with the Eldar taken totally by surprise. They tried to affect a counter attack but by the time they had marshalled sufficient force, the Orks were too many in number to remove with the forces available to them. Reluctantly the Kel Sandros Eldar on Memnon withdrew, ending their immediate hopes of securing the planet and hiding the Maiden worlds. It was a bitter blow.

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