Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fort Aerin falls. Praetorians hold the line

The Praetorians knew they had to hold at all costs. Their commander set up the “thin red line” and awaited the approaching Orks. In early 02.009M42 Nazghat’s forces arrived and charged into the Praetorians. Unlike the Porphyrians however, the Praetorians stood their ground, firing volley after volley of lasgun fire into the green tide.

Aided by their accurate mortar fire, the Praetorians quickly gained the Orks’ respect, and Nazghat was infuriated by his troops lack of progress. While the Praetorian’s continued to hold out the Administratum organised the evacuation like clockwork. Even the Praetorian withdrawal was a masterpiece of tactical planning.

Despite this, Fort Aerin fell on 0902.009M42 and Nazghat added another planet to his growing Empire. Immediately he dispatched a force to Keprok, informing the local Orks they were now part of Waagh! Nazghat, while another, larger force was sent hubward, deep into the Mabb Nebula to conquer the remaining Shadow Worlds.

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