Friday, February 27, 2009

Snazteef’s air Waagh! Butchered

In the north of Tuva Waagh! Snazteef's latest addition to his armed forces showed its hand during 02.009M42 with repeated attacks on aircraft flying near to the Ork border. After the loss of several transport craft General Du Prez ordered that all flights were to be escorted by experienced Navy fighters until the Ork air force could be smashed on the ground.

During mid 02.009M42 ferocious air battles and dogfights were a common sight near the front lines, and even a Blood Martyrs Thunderhawk came under attack from the Orks. However, the escorting Lightnings and Thunderbolts usually obliterated the Ork craft before they could do much damage. The Orks showed a lack of experience, naive tactics and, most of all, terrible aim. By the end of 02.009M42 hundreds of Ork aircraft had been shot down and the sporadic air attacks died out. The Imperium was unsure whether this meant that the Ork air waagh! had been defeated or the Orks were massing for an all out attack.

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