Sunday, February 08, 2009

Trebbian 9th continues Imperial advance

Following the rather surprising victory of the Porphyrians at Sapphire Island, General Cunningham wanted to immediately capitalise on their success. Seeing the forces of Chaos off balance and, according to intelligence massing forces on their eastern front, Cunningham immediately consulted with his commanders on the ground.

The Ultramarines had left, moving the bulk of their forces by Thunderhawk to Southbourne, as they perceived that the next Chaos attack would come towards the main city on Sartano. Obviously the forces of Chaos had realised fighting on two fronts was a bad plan.

This left Cunningham with precious few resources. Most of the PDF armies were ill equipped for an organised attack and the Librian Guard units were still re-equipping after painful attritional battles. The only force available were the relatively inexperienced Trebbians, several regiments of which had recently arrived with the Porphyrians.

The Trebbians had a bad record, and Cunningham knew it. Hoping that surprise would win out however he ordered the Guard into battle. Amazingly lightning managed to strike twice and the Chaos forces were in total disarray when the Trebbian units landed on the west of Sartano. They then made rapid progress, breaking through in the south and driving the rebel forces back towards their base in central Sartano. Briefly the Chaos position in the south looked perilous. Then came the main Chaos attack...

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