Friday, February 27, 2009

Memnon taken by Da Verminator

Following successes in the Shadow worlds Waagh! Nazghat moved on to its next set of objectives, leaving a number of vying warlords in his wake. One of these was known as "Da Verminator", and this ork had ambition. First he needed a base, then, he would build a series of giant war engines known as "Stompaz". These of course he would supply to Nazghat and therefore gain influence, and perhaps a chance to be at the vanguard of any new invasion. This was about as complicated as Ork politics got.

First he needed a base - a world which was not under the control of one of Nazghat's lackeys. One such world was Memnon. Here the Orks were disorganised after repeated fights with Chaos, but with the arrival of Da Verminator the greenskins on the small world were galvanised with a new purpose. With fresh reinforcements and plenty of looted equipment the new Waagh broke the Chaos defences and forced them out of their base. Most of the Traitor Marines left while those loyal to Chaos and unable to leave fled for the barren hills of Memnon. Now Da Verminator had a base, a world of his own, from which to launch the next phase of his plan.

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