Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Elan Ro Lands on Peraph

While the Tau fronts on Merrin stayed quiet in 01.008M42, not least thanks to the heavy snow which fell in the north, the Tau high command were far from inactive. Having shown himself to be an able commander in off world activities with his successful invasion of Tarsis Minor, Elan Ro was tasked with taking the Chaos controlled base of “Peraph”, in the Tarsis system, just outside the orbit of Tarsis Major itself.

The base was strategically important, as while the Chaos forces were not using it to resupply, they were using its defence lasers to put off the Tau from reinforcing the planet except from the far side. This cost them time and effort. Elan Ro would take the base, allowing their convoys to approach from any angle, allowing them to slip past roving Imperial and Chaos raiders far more easily.

Elan Ro’s troops arrived in stealth and in small numbers. Furious firefights in the cramped corridors of the vast facility followed, sporadic small actions taking place all over the installation. After gaining a bridgehead near the main landing pad however, Elan Ro found himself besieged and unable to make further progress. He appealed to the Tau high command for further forces but with cold logic, the ethereal judged that his invasion force had effectively put the base out of action for the time being, and taking the base was not a priority. The fighting for Peraph would go on.

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