Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ultramarines & Night Lords clash

While Moonface made plans for his next move the Night Lords and their allies were fighting a series of ferocious battles in south Tuva during 01.009M42. First, the Ultramarines attacked in force, forcing the Chaos armies to leave the continent and retreat to Sapphire Harbour. However, on 2801.009M42 the Chaos legions returned, landing in force and pushing inland. The Imperial Guard units fell back, allowing the Ultramarines to engage in force, this time with titan legion support.

The Space Marines hoped that the sudden appearance of a reaver and a warhound titan would stall the Chaos advance, but to their horror the Chaos forces unleashed their own monstrous perversion of a warlord titan in response, while deep striking traitor Terminators destroyed the warhound titan and forced the rest of the Imperial forces into a slow and bloody retreat.

It was the first Chaos victory for several months in the south, and the two Chaos sectors on Tuva and Sartano were now once again joined up. General Cunningham was disappointed, while Lord Raziel of the Night Lords was desparate for a victory of his own before Moonface took over command on the southern fronts. Raziel hated Moonface and his allies, but to maintain his independence Raziel needed to prove the Night Lords and those loyal to him were a force worthy of respect. Early 009M42 saw the first steps of this revival.

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