Friday, May 01, 2015

Hive fleet Medusa reappears

While Imperial sector command were focussed on containing the alliance threat in the Librian system, predominantly oblivious to the internal divisions in their own ranks, and bolstering defences in the Perseus Deeps with the resurgent chaos threat, they were caught off guard in 04.015M42 by an attack from an unexpected quarter.

Gabriel's world, fought over and secured for the imperium in 013.M42 was not expecting the sudden appearance of the alien menace ofthe tyranids. Nothing had been heard of hive fleet Medusa, and Nemesis had not been reported further "west" than the Perseus Deeps, and had been in decline for some time. Suddenly, when an outlying settlement was found with its population massacred, and various biological parts removed from the dead, the imperial authorities raised the alarm.

Vannaheim regiments, assisted by the Adeptus Sororitas were quickly deployed to the base. Since the arrival of Titus Luthor in the sector the Vannaheim and Lycaon regiments had been central to the imperium's defence, as the Librian regiments were degraded by the war in their own system. Now the Vannaheim guard were called into action again, and despite the ferocity of the first tyranid assault the imperial line held.

The first encounter confirmed the presence of the aliens and vidpict analysis verified the aliens as belonging to the Medusa lineage. This first action was soon followed however, as the Dark Angels responded to another set of garbled and frantic distress messages, this time from the other side of the planet. Unable to redeploy in strength in time, the imperial guard could only listen in to vox traffic as a Dark Angels strike cruiser launched its payload of death into the midst of the alien swarm. then, to their horror, they picked up communications asking for immediate extraction, as more and more aliens poured out of the caverns around the isolated southern hemisphere outposts. Gabriel's World was declared "infested" on 0105.015M42

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