Saturday, May 02, 2015

Stahl breaks out of his Bridgehead

The next move by the forces of chaos came just a few days later. In the early morning of 2803.015.M the Lycaon Guard intercepted an Iron Warrior force attempting advance out of their bridgehead into Imperial positions under cover of darkness. The Lycaon Guard Commander, having familiarised himself with Stahl's battle tactics, had briefed his men to eliminate the daemonic machines first which in the gloom was rewarded with fireballs erupting from the industrial complex indicating success.

Stahl had relayed orders to take the imperial positions no matter the cost so the summoned daemon prince abandoned his own attempt to secure the complex, leaving his forces to face the teeth of the Lycaon Guard's guns. Rhino's, Spawn and even some legionaries suffered casualties reaching the imperial positions, but despite this, the Iron Warriors fortified the forward ground as ordered, and then vented their anger upon the lackeys of the emperor. The Lycaon line momentarily buckled as several companies retreated against this renewed counter attack, putting the entire defencive line in jepoardy. However with orders barked at them from their Commander order was restored and the line held. For a moment the Iron Warriors looked like they might be rebuffed, but the chaos bikers proved this false, being able to flank the command tanks and destroy his support. The armoured forces commander, knowing the position lost, called a retreat, leaving the Iron Warriors with yet another victory in the invasion of Minos.

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