Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ork counter attack on Hylas

By mid 05.015M42 the imperial army under general Van Dorn had made sweeping gains on Hylas, and some even allowed themselves to believe that the war, which had already been raging for years, would be over soon, perhaps within months. Van Dorn and imperial command however never believed the orks were finished. Time and time again the greenskins had come back from defeats and retaken all their losses. In the west, Von Bismork was planning just such an attack.

The objective for the greenskin warlord was simple. Inflict a crushing defeat on the imperium, take back as much land as possible and kill as many humans as he could. It was hardly surprising therefore when the attack came against the imperial left flank, close to the Hylas plateau. This section of the imperial line was held by the Novgorod guard, and this gave Von Bismork the opportunity he needed. The guard forces were the least well equipped of Van Dorn's army, and the mainly infantry based force presented the orks with the chance of slaughter they craved.

The ork attack was well organised and brutal, proving VOn Bismork had lost none of his control over the greenskin forces on Hylas. Gradually, despite characteristic stubborn resistance, the Novgorod forces were worn down and forced to give ground. Within a week this forced Van Dorn to retreat into West Coast, yielding ground to the greenskins and bringing an end to the string of imperial victories on Hylas.

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