Saturday, May 09, 2015

Libria III: Alliance close in on victory

The end of 04.015M42 brought more success for the forces of the alliance, with victories on two fronts. In South Vale the Iron Warriors under Apollo led the attack into the Varras isthmus, as their armour and equipment were the more capable of withstanding the heavy artillery which had been deployed by Launceston and the Lunar Guard to defend Lazarus from the advancing alliance. The Iron Warriors moved into the isthmus, and the Lunar Guard opened up with devastating firepower. However the astartes ancient armour withstood explosions which would have decimated lesser forces, and were able to close with the imperial guard lines.

In close proximity the Iron Warriors heavily mauled the imperial defenders, inflicting crippling attrition on both men and machinery. Thus compromised the imperial line crumbled, and soon the Iron Warriors were followed up by regiments of Librian rebels. The defence of Lazarus quickly became untenable and Launceston reluctantly ordered a retreat. After months of seige, Lazarus had been taken by the loyalists from the rebels. Now with the aid of the ancient astartes the city had fallen in just hours.

In the south of Cartasia the alliance made more gains, with the Iron Warriors defeating the Sky Lords and forcing them to retreat from the Cartal mountains after a closely fought battle. At one point the Iron Warriors were struggling against the heavy armour of the crusade force, and the elite terminator armoured battle brothers. However in the end superior discipline and the heavy armoured infantry of the breecher seige squads turned the Sky Lords' flank, forcing the withdrawal.

By 0105.015M42 the alliance were within touching distance of removing the crusade, and had all but taken the south.

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