Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zadoc: Calogne retaken by chaos

Following the success of Rahvan Malkaor in the north of Zadoc, the forces of chaos were quick to strike back against the tau. Probing for weaknesses the loose chaos alliance found that in the south only Skyfall's experimental cadres stood between them and the city of Calogne. Skyfall's troops were extremely well equipped, sporting the latest in Riptide technology, but in terms of numbers, the tau were outnumbered at least five to one by the chaos army. And these numbers were about to dramatically increase.

The chaos attack started with the human cultists. Ill equipped and lacking much in the way of tactical cohesion the cultists were easily dealt with by the tau, but soon after the engagement started a host of daemons suddenly materialised, transforming the battlefield into a seething mass of daemonic energy. Quickly the Riptides of Skyfall were deployed to meet this threat, but although the larger entities proved no match for the tau weaponry, Skyfall's army was soon overwhelmed by the smaller daemons. Taking heavy casualties the tau commander ordered an organised withdrawal before the precious Riptides were damaged. Calogne was surrendered to the chaos to prevent a rout.

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