Saturday, May 09, 2015

Vastrid Subsector: Dark Angels raid Shattered Silence bases

In mid 04.015M42 the Dark Angels received intelligence that the dark eldar were building a base over their world of drift. This they concluded would allow them to raid further and with larger forces, destabilising the imperial rule over the sector. This was accurate intelligence, but the imperial astartes woefully underestimated the force the aliens had concentrated in the Drift system, and completely underestimated the xenos intentions regarding the subsector. The Archon of the Shattered silence Kurokenshi and his allies, intended on total domination of the Radeon Cluster, far more than mere raiding of worlds.

The Dark Angels quickly realised the strength of the enemy force, but attacked none-the-less. They found their opponents a tough nut to crack, and spent far more time trying to eliminate enemy units than they would have wanted. The Shattered Silence were able to whether the storm of astartes fire, and wraithguard units were successfully deployed around vital objectives the Dark Angels were hoping to take. In the end the xenos defence proved unassailable, and the imperial forces withdrew from Drift, fleeing from the Dark Eldar fleet in the nick of time. The raid had been a failure, but now the imperium were aware of the threat from the aliens in the Radeon Cluster.

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