Thursday, May 14, 2015

Libria III: Loyalist invasion fails

One week after their attempted invasion of Quattria on the south coast of Cartasia, general Launceston's loyalist forces tried again to remove the last of the crusade forces from Libria III. This time the Novgorod regiments were backed up by several regiments of Lycaon Guard, and the whole force was landed successfuly on Farran Isle with no opposition from either the alliance or the crusade. However it was the invasion of the mainland which would face significant opposition.

The attack proper saw the Novgorod guard landed to the west of Quattria while the Lycaon guard moved in from the east. Here the loyalist met a significant force of mechanicum troops loyal to Vorushko, but after a bloody encounter the Lycaon forces made progress, achieving their objectives by the end of the first day.

To the west, the Novgorod guard had a tougher challenge, facing the elite forces of the Apocalypse Riders. These astartes forces quickly decimated the vanguard of the imperial force, and before long the loyalist left flank had collapsed into a general rout. Frustrated general Launceston was once again left with no option other to withdraw Farran, despite the Lycaon suggestion to dig in and make another assault on Quattria later. The crusade had held on once again, and dislodging them from LIbria III by the loyalists seemed further away than ever.

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