Saturday, May 02, 2015

Libria III: Crusade reduced to toehold

During the last few days of 04.015M42, the Crusade suffered serious setbacks on Libria III. In West Cartasia Shadowstrike deployed his forces to shore up the front following the defeat of the Shattered Silence. His force was soon in action against the Vannaheim Guard and Sisters of Battle, and by 2804.015M42 the imperial line had been forced back to the ourtskirts of Quattria. THe Vannaheim commander asked for reinforcements but by then Vorushko had been forced to commit her reserve in the defence of Cartal.

In mid Cartasia itself, the loyalist offensive against the alliance continued, with the Space Wolves sending forces to aid the advance. Teaming up with the adeptus mechanicus, the astartes led the assault on the crusade capital, Cartal, while Vorushko's main force was engaged further south by the alliance. Despite a late intervention by the Dark Angels, the crusade was forced to abandon the city and move to Aegon. Now the Crusade had been reduced to a mere toehold, with their southern cities of Rhallor and Aegon under seige on two fronts.

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