Thursday, May 14, 2015

Libria III: Crusade comeback

With the alliance and loyalist forces having failed to finish off the crusade on Libria III and with their access to highly mobile elite formations, it wasn't long before Inquisitor Vorushko's forces re-established themselves on the most important world of the Libria system. First, the Sisters of Battle loyal to Vorushko launched a new offensive at the head of a substantial imperial army against the alliance in Cartasia. With their main forces tied up in Varras fighting the loyalists, the alliance could only call upon a handful of non-Librian units, although these were quickly reinforced by the eldar and dark eldar. The Shattered Silence put up a surprisingly hard fight for alien mercenaries, but eventually the numbers and equipment available to the crusade began to tell, and West Cartasia and the city of Quattria were retaken.

Her base secrure, Vorushko now launched a new offensive against the loyalists, reasoning that although the alliance were the main enemy, she needed to break the loyalist cause. Only then could the imperium be united in its purpose. With this in mind the Minotaurs were called in to launch an assault from orbit. Using their fast escorts and strike cruisers to evade the patrolling federal fleet, the astartes delivered a strike from the skies with unparalleled violence. The defenders were totally unprepared for this opening of a new front, as the blow had come at the settlement of Berdysian Point in the north of Libria III.

General Launceston quickly deployed two regiments of Lycaon Guard to the area, aware that if the Minotaurs were even just delayed in establishing a defensible perimeter, the crusade would not be able to establish a beachhead on the new front. The result was a massacre. The Lycaon guard regiments were systematically annihilated by the Minotaurs and Berdysian Point became the new base of operations for the crusade in the north.

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