Saturday, May 09, 2015

Libria III: Crusade cling on to toehold

Novgorod Guards vs Sisters (No vanaheim) 5-5 draw. Novgorod artillery inflicted heavy casualties on the sisters, forcing them to abort their attempt at a mechanised counter attack. Novgorod guardsmen also took heavy casualties when trying to press their advantage, and were only driven off when the Crusade gained aerial superiority and started to strafe the massed ranks of Guardsmen. Resulted in an inconclusive stalemate.

By early 05.015M42 the situation in southern Cartasia was dire for the crusade. Many of Inquisitor Vorushko's aides were counselling withdrawal. However the inquisitor lord was resolute. Withdrawal was not to be considered while the crusade still had adequate forces to pursue the campaign. And resources she had. It was the loyalists however who attacked from the sea and attempted to remove the crusade. Attacking Aegon from the sea the Novgorod guard launched a massive assault supported by a devastating artillery barrage. This inflicted heavy casualties but the Sisters of Battle defending the coast held firm.

Unable to counter attack with their mechanised forces the crusade called for air support. Waves of avenger strike craft appeared overhead and bombed the loyalists positions mercilessly. Unable to respond to the aerial threat, the Novgorod forces found it impossible to breakout of their beachhead, and on 0605.015M42 General Launceston called off the assault. The crusade held on for now.

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